Tips you can use before buying a wireless router

tips for buying a wireless router

Purchasing a wireless router can be a bit overwhelming due to the number of options that you can choose from. There are always new ones being released from time to time and sorting through their information may take you days.

But if you know the things to consider before choosing among the best wireless routers, buying a new on will be easier for you.

Tips for buying a wireless router

Here are tips you can use before buying a wireless router:

Speed Ratings

The best wireless routers usually advertise speed in Megabits per second (Mbps). In this case, you might be tempted to just look at the wireless routers with the highest speed rating. However, you should consider that you may be achieving a much lower actual performance compared to the maximum speed rating on the package. Moreover, even a high-speed router cannot speed up Internet connection directly. The extra speed your network may get from faster routers might not be worthy of its extra cost.

Popular Models

There is an old saying that “there could be safety in numbers”. This is probably the reason why people a product is considered useful when many people buy it. Nowadays, the best-selling network gears tend to be on a current generation of technology but are not actually high-quality. To be sure about the several popular models today, you should check their sales rankings at retailers online so that you can narrow down a list of your options.


Tips for buying a wireless router

Manufacturers of Internet routers are always providing their router’s warranty package along with the product. The terms and length of the warranties may vary widely. Good warranties may be an indication that the manufacturer is more committed to supporting their products while those with lesser warranties could be of a lesser standard of the reliability or quality of the product. you should consider warranties before buying a router.

Feedback from other Customers

There are a  lot of customers who post their opinions, testimonies, and reviews on the best wireless routers on message boards, blogs, and websites of online retailers. That is why many shoppers like you are also confused about the combination of good and bad comment about a specific model.

Moreover, home networking is very complex, so a wireless router may perform efficiently in another person’s home network and fail in yours. You should not be easily swayed by the good or bad experience of others too much.

Brand Selection

There are some networking vendors who would add proprietary extensions to the products they sell for higher performance when the brand matched. They may also run a thorough test on the compatibility of the equipment. If you already own an electronic gear, it is not a bad idea to match your WiFi router. Research for brands and choose a trusted one.

Cost and Budget

Manufacturers also offer discounts and rebates from the full retail prices of their wireless internet routers. Like smartphones, previous models tend to be on discount with all of the essential features.  Set a budget and stay with it to avoid regrets. Shop around to find one that is worthy of your money.