Web development is not much different from any other creative field. Web designers are regularly innovating and reinventing their craft with popular fads, unique trends, and improved development capabilities.  Should you be developing a website, making a great impression means being on top of the latest design trends and innovations. 

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When a client sees your business for the first time, you want them to be impressed, right? If that is the case, you’ll want to keep these useful web design tips handy.

Five tips to creating an impressive web design

Make it clean and free of clutter

Most of the environment around us has a good amount of clutter, and the internet is no exception.  Banner ads, popups, icons and more . . . it quickly becomes frustrating and in some cases, unmanageable.  Why not design your website to be a breath of fresh air to visitors?  Experimenting with white space and the nuances of minimal & flat design can lead to a clean, concise and enjoyable experience for your site’s visitors.  Keeping it simple and making your most significant content the focus of your website can make a huge difference in how users view your site.

Do your web design research

You already understand this if you are here now, but take it a step further and look at websites with clear intentions.  Determine what you like and dislike about the websites you view.  Take notes for yourself and keep track of the things you are interested in emulating on your website.  Would a never ending scroll be advantageous for your design?  Certain companies, like the one that performs web designer surrey, have a tremendous reputation for being able to teach students effective web design.  Anything from typography to contact pages can make an impression; what appeals to you can easily contribute to your own website’s design.

Apply visual hierarchy to your design

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Remember, our eyes travel across a website in a particular pattern.  Understanding that pattern can aid you in optimizing the most valuable content on your website.  An example might be your call to action; visual hierarchy shows that the eyes move from top to bottom & left to right.  Most people will see a call to action placed at the top left corner of a website, and that could be the difference in your site’s success.  Only place the most important content in these spaces.  If you overwhelm your visitors by placing too many things in one spot, the effects may be the opposite of your expectations.  More information by Harvard Design.

Make everything easy to read

The text on your site is important.  It provides information and answers questions for your visitors.  Don’t make them strain to read it.  There are some easy rules you can apply that will enable you to keep your typography in check. Make sure your colors work together. Don’t put black text on a navy blue background. Your visitors will give up trying to read it and go somewhere else.  Avoid tiny fonts. Even though they are cute, they are impractical.  Visitors should not need a magnifying glass to get your message.  Use or create a font you can be proud of; create a theme, stick to two or three fonts to keep everything clean.  I hope I shouldn’t have to tell you to avoid wingdings and other unreadable fonts, your site visitors will thank you for it.

Use your mobile site to your advantage

What use is a great website if it does not look great on mobile devices?  Not much.  However, web development companies have the skills you need to ensure your website and mobile site are used to their full potential. Make sure your website and mobile site represent your business in a way that draws people to you.  You don’t want to lose out on valuable business opportunities because your website left potential clients hanging on a limb, do you?