SEO techniques are rapidly changing and for the most part people do not know why. There were many tacts that one could you before but those tactics are now obsolete due to Google’s ever changing algorithms. Due to these changes it hard to stay upto date with the SEO updates. If you want to know what changes you can make on-site or off-site to make things work for you keep reading.

Improve user experience across your website

Google wants to bring up the best results when it comes to the user’s query. If the results produced are irrelevant, have low quality results, users for the most part will stay away form the website. This constant need to show relevant results is the reason for optimizing your website. It is as simple as the quality not being right or your targeted keywords are tough. Also, a late loading or a spammy website are the reason for the high bounce rate. As Google wants to deliver the best possible results, it will for the most part push good sites higher. Also, if the user spends more time on the page the user has found your site to be useful. Some ways you can improve your content which can help with your user experience include making posts easy to read, try to keep the topic interesting,write in inverted pyramid style, Improve the current page design.

Optimize your voice search

A recent survey concluded that 50% of all the searches will be conducted via voice. This can be a good factor which help you in your SEO strategy. Voice searches have a different result than the text searches as they use the data from the SERPs and replay the featured information in a snippet form. Some tips you can use voice search into your benefit to help with Websites That Sell include, creating a long tail keyword, using structured data, focus on topic clusters.

Focus on topic clusters

As Google is evolving the main objective right now is to understand the intention of its users. Try to understand what they are looking for and you will find specific results which can help you with your query. Do not expect that your website will end up in the first page with keyword clusters as it is not enough. Try to consider looking for user intent which can help you come up with the phrases which can help you solve a search query. Important facts to consider while focusing your content in topic cluster is knowing your target audience, organize content into clusters, research the right keywords, try to use these keywords sparingly.