How to Land High Paying Sales Jobs with No Experience

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Sales jobs may not be one of those prestigious careers you get these days, but consider it a stepping-stone in the direction of finding a real gem in the future. The training and work experiences you obtain from sales roles are not included in any classroom or course, and will most definitely help you no matter what career path you end up going on. 

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If you want to work in sales but don’t have any experience, don’t just settle with any offer that comes your way.  Try to find a sales job that incorporates things you like to do in your off time.  For example, if you’re keen on playing golf during the weekends, a retail job in golf or something associated in golf can be an ideal match. Or, if you enjoy doing hair or fingernails for your girlfriends, then consider a job in the hair salon or beauty industry. The key when you’re just starting out in sales is to find the best sales job that meshes with your personality.  This will give you the best chance of sticking with it when times get tough, which they inevitably will when it comes to sales. 

When looking for a job in sales, make a list of employers and reach out to them personally. It’s possible that there aren’t any available jobs listed online, but they might have openings that aren’t listed publicly.  Also, you can attend job fairs as well, as they can be an easy way to apply for multiple positions at once. If you make a list though and reach out to them, not only will that show initiative, but it will give you better odds of landing the job you actually want.  Just make sure you follow up. The sales industry is a competitive business, showing this initiative signals to the employer that you’re hungry and won’t take no for an answer. Your initiative shines and shows the hiring manager that you truly deserve the said position.

Consequently, once you have persuaded the manager that you are the best person for the job and have gotten an interview; next thing to consider is how to wow them during the interview. Whatever you do, don’t go there wearing informal or laid back clothes. Even if you know it’s a relaxed job environment, you always want to dress to impress.  Show them that you mean business right from the gate. 

If you show up looking less than your best, you’re only showing the employer that you’re not willing to spend time or effort to grab the job. Throughout the interview, your task is to impress the person in front of you and one tactic to do that is to dress appropriately for the job. Look mature and hard working by choosing the right clothes that fits the job description. 

During the interview, be honest in answering the questions. The key here is to show them that you can effectively relate to the questions and concerns of the customers. If you’ve nailed this area, you’ll probably be hired. 

Positions in the sales industry can vary greatly, but the key is to get some experience under your belt. It’s definitely a good way to improve your skills and set initial directions for a successful career path. Sales jobs will teach you management skills, people skills, money management and customer service.

Lastly, as mentioned before, you ought to be persistent. You need to telephone hiring managers after submitting your job application. Call the firm to ensure that they received your information. When you have had an interview, you should call the company to see what decision has been made if a couple of days have passed. Most of the time, your call comes before any decision has been made. This lets the company know that you are very serious about the job at hand. It also shows that you’re a persistent person, which is a hallmark quality of a good sales person.

In the end, landing a high paying sales job with no experience is difficult, but it can be done.  The main thing when you’re just starting out is to find a job that’ll you’ll enjoy and can gain experience from.  Then, once you excel at this job, many more opportunities will come your way.