In today’s world, new content is being created and published on various sites every minute and due to this, it’s getting significantly hard to grab the attention of the audience as they are also becoming much more stringent with their search. Thus one of the ways by which you can improve the quality of your site is by taking the assistance of a good SEO company. SEO is a complex process and not everyone can do it. If you are looking for some reliable and experienced SEO service providers, Visit Chicago SEO.

There are various SEO companies out there, but not all of them are experts in the services they provide. SEO in recent years has gone through tremendous changes and now does not solely rely on keyword focused content. As more than 2 trillion searches are happening on Google every day; thus even a small error can get your site a lousy ranking and make it not visible to the audience. To help you avoid these mistakes in SEO, here are few of the key factors you can focus on if you want a better ranking for your site.

1) Poor site structure –

Not all web developers are SEO specialists, and this is where your site takes a big hit. Due to this generally, the way the website is laid out is extremely common making it not stand out amongst the rest of the sites. The home page of any site is what is going to have the highest authority as it’s going to have the most incoming links and also the best inbound links. It is a common site that at times even web pages with high authority lose their ranking at times as they get buried deep in the site architecture. Hence it is essential that you make a simple and interactive website which is easy for the visitors to use and navigate.

2) Lack of site and content management –

In today’s life, it is not enough to optimize web pages just by using one keyword as this results in poor user experience, and as search engines are becoming better, this can result to the lower ranking of your website. Make sure to upload content which is in high quality as the viewer/reader can also then share them, thus helping you get more traffic on your site. Make sure to have originals and unique content which can grasp the views of the visitor’s eyes at one look and get them hooked to your site. Generally, if your website has similar article and content to another website on it, this can result in a conflict and cause Google’s search engine to show it among the other lower ranking sites which will undoubtedly be harmful to you thus make sure all your posting are 100% authentic.

3) Avoid buying backlinks –

Most of the companies spend a lot of their resources buying backlinks as they are relatively cheaper. But one thing they don’t succeed in understanding is that these backlinks are generally flagged and Google’s doesn’t like them. Regularly link building and link earning do generally receive a bad rap sometimes, but if the number of good quality of backlinks a website has is more, it can improve the ranking of the website drastically.

4) Giving importance to mobile users –

Most of the people use their mobiles to find and utilize content, thus if your site is not optimized to use on a smartphone, then the user experience of your site will be negatively impacted. You can simply avoid this make by designing your site in a manner which makes it convenient to use mobile phones and this will undoubtedly help you get more traffic on your website.

5) Forgetting image optimization –

One of the most important elements of any site is its visuals. The images and the videos which are present on each site play a very prominent role as they help depict a story to search engine. Make sure to optimize the image of size on your website which will help it load faster than the content thus grabbing the attention of the viewer before they shift to any other site.