When one talks about metrics, it is often said that what is being measured is usually what gets done. This is because of how human nature is. A lot of people have a lot of piled on their plate because workers find themselves constantly re-prioritizing their work activities. So the metrics which have the attention of the business and also manufacturing leaders tend to the ones that get measured and also the ones which are improved upon by their employee teams. Measuring effectively and also analyzing and improving the manufacturing metrics is not as simple as it can appear. When there are certain metrics that work well for some job roles, it is often the same case for multiple combinations of metric indicators which are needed to ensure that a bigger business objective has to be met. Here are some metrics that matter the most.

  1. Improving the customer experience and also responsiveness. You need to commit to online and also on-time delivery. The metric is the percentage of the time the manufacturers deliver a product on time to committed customers. You also should measure the speed and time it takes to switch a manufacturing plant or a line from making one specific product to another.
  2. You should improve the quality. Yield indicates the percentage of products which are properly manufactured and also to the specifications. You should keep customer rejects and also the returns and take a measure of how many customers are rejecting the products or how many are requesting an exchange based on the quality of the product. You should conduct a serious enquiry and also properly analyze what is wrong with the underperforming product and make the necessary changes.
  3. Improve efficiency as much as you can because efficiency makes sure that you save money as well as the fact that you save the raw materials which might have gone to waste. Efficiency means that there will be less wastage involved. Efficiency means a lot of time is saved doing unnecessary and unwanted things. All of your work happens in less than the projected time, and you will probably have time to spare.
  4. Maintenance is one of the biggest ways you can use up all of your saved budget and time. Therefore, with efficiency, you can successfully reduce the maintenance and concentrate on giving out quality products.
  5. Total manufacturing costs for all the units, excluding the materials, is a measure of potentially controllable manufacturing costs which go into the production of a manufacturing unit.

These are some of the most important manufacturing metrics that you should consider, and you must follow the above list. You will surely be more than happy that you did.