You’re taking control over your destiny – as soon as you find out what that is. That’s why you booked a psychic reading session; to find out about yourself, your friends, and your life in general. The best information is always the one that gives you the truth.

But, you are not sure what you should ask a psychic. Also, you don’t know what he/she is going to ask you. In case you want to go there prepared, here’s a list of things you might expect when you go to your first reading.

What a psychic cannot tell you

psychic best information

First of all, let’s go through things a psychic cannot tell you.

#1 Who, what, where – a psychic cannot read the specifics. His abilities are to predict your future based on possible events. Thus, he/she cannot give you a detailed list of things that are going to happen to you over the next year or so. If you go to the first session with the expectation that you will get the exact answers, you might end up disappointed.

#2 Yes or no – it’s really important to ask the right questions. Most of the times, people think that psychics are capable to “see” all the details related to the question asked, or a person in particular. As a matter of fact, psychics cannot give you a road map to follow because no one can. Instead, they can offer an advice or knowledge on things they are seen as possibilities, and to which only you can respond with “yes-or-no”.

#3 What you should do – going to a psychic to get the reassurance or approval for your past or previous decisions isn’t going to cut it, either. It’s not their job to tell you what you should do. They are only giving you the insights in your future. The decisions you will make depends on your perception of the relevant information. Hence, don’t expect that you will know everything when you leave the reading session.


What a psychic can tell you

And now to the things psychic can really tell you.

#1 What kind of energy surrounds you – psychics get the information through their senses. That’s why they can tell you things about aura or energy. This was the technique the late Ms.Cleo used.  They feel when something is positive or negative around you. Also, they can feel your energy – are you upset or happy about something.

#2 Help you find out about things you are seeing – maybe you’re troubled because you’re getting these signs for a while now. But, you cannot understand their meaning. A psychic can help you to discover the hidden meaning behind them. And also, they can help you to get the perspective on the bigger picture.

#3 Something about you that no one else noticed – psychics usually can tell you a lot of things. Some include very intimate facts on you or someone who is close to you. They might not communicate clearly with you and often times they will use metaphors or analogies to the symbols. But, in the end, they will tell you something about you that no one else could notice.