Instagram is a very popular social media platform that grew up surprisingly. It conquered the hearts of youngsters and then became a really powerful tool for the individuals and business. The businesses and brands are now using this platform as an audience building, networking, and content marketing tool and it has helped many businesses in growing significantly.

It doesn’t mean that every business that uses Instagram becomes popular because we can see many businesses that had to close their services because they could not find the proper response from the customers.

So, what’s the reason why some businesses became popular while others could not make even a single sale through Instagram? When we say that Instagram can help grow your business, it means that it provides you access to your potential customers but it doesn’t mean that the Instagram team would hold your hand and take you to the customers to tell them to buy things from you.

They only provide you the platform and then it totally relies on you that how you make use of their platform. You need to grow your following on Instagram if you want to promote your product to as many people as possible. So, let’s take a look at some tricks you may use to increase your following on Instagram in 2018.

Cross-promote your dedicated hashtag

The first thing you need to do is to create a unique hashtag for your company. But creating the hashtag isn’t the only thing that will help you become popular on Instagram. You need to get this hashtag printed on several objects such as the receipts and signboards etc. You can even get it printed on the banners that you are going to use in several events. Thus, the customers would come to know about this hashtag and they would start searching for it Instagram.

Make sure that you promote your hashtag on other social media platforms through your profile. You can even apply it on your website or on the emails that you are going to send to your customers.

Buy the followers

There is no harm in buying the followers because it is also one of the marketing strategies. However, make sure that you purchase the real followers otherwise your account will be blocked. In my opinion, Gramilab is the Best Place To Buy Active Instagram Followers And Real Likes. There are several packages available for people that are looking to buy Instagram followers. So, you can choose a package according to your needs.

Participate in the popular conversations

Start becoming a part of several popular conversations so that people may recognize your presence on Instagram. You can even bring the people to your website while they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Remove unwanted tagged photos

The unwanted tagged photos may put an impact on your profile on Instagram. Therefore, it is important that you remove those photos from your profile so that the customers may only watch the relevant posts they are looking for. Here are some other ways to grow your Instagram following in 2018.