The use of apps and games has become very common nowadays. Now, you’d see everyone holding his mobile or tablet while traveling from one place to another. The mobiles and other similar technologies have provided a great source of entertainment to the users. Some of the people are using these technologies for increasing their knowledge while most of the people are using them for the entertainment purpose.

So, we are also going to focus on the group that is using these inventions for the entertainment purpose. We are going to talk about the top games and media apps that are being downloaded this year. We have gathered this information after conducting surveys among people from different parts of the world. So, the information we are going to share in this article is very authentic and it would help you a lot.

You can also download these games and media apps to enjoy the amazing moments. Here are the top games and media apps that are being downloaded this year.

Word Crossy

Word Crossy is an amazing game that was launched at the beginning of this year. The mobile users are increasingly downloading this game into their mobile phones. The reason why it has become so popular in a very short span of time is that it is providing the knowledge and entertainment at the same time.

You can play this game to test your English vocabulary and it would also help you add some more words to your dictionary. The game is available for free so you can download it anytime you want.

Temple run 2

Temple Run 2 is a very old game that was launched back in 2011 and the users stopped showing any interest in this game as it became very boring with the passage of the time. However, the developers made some new changes to this game and introduced some new tracks and trophies in the recent year due to which the users have again started downloading this game and now they are again trying their luck in this game. The game is going to get more customers in the future because the developers are constantly introducing some new changes in this game.


The Bluestacks is a very popular media platform that has become very popular over the past few years. It allows the users to play their favorite Android games on the computer. It does not only help you play your favorite games but it also enables you to use a wide range of apps on your computer.

The most important thing about this platform is that it is available for free and you can download it to your computer anytime you want. All you need to do is to open the on your browser and then click on the Download now button and the file will be downloaded to your computer. Click here and take a look at the top games and media apps that are being downloaded this year.