The cell phones have become very common nowadays and the manufacturers are now introducing tremendous changes in the cell phones because they know that it is the most basic need of today’s world. The customers need to see some new changes every day and if a cell phone manufacturer fails to meet their demands, they immediately shift to another manufacturer because there are so many options available that you would never find yourself helpless even if you have skipped many manufacturers. So, the competition is very tough for the cell phone manufacturers, therefore, they are regularly focused on introducing some new changes.

Today, we are going to talk about some changes that are introduced in the cell phones in 2018. And you should be ready to see some more changes in the future because the cell phone manufacturers are moving quickly nowadays. However, here is the information about 5 interesting advanced in the cell phones.

Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is an incredible option that is added to all the new cell phones nowadays. This feature is not available on the iPhone but other cell phone users can take advantage of this feature. It allows them to book an appointment at different shops. And there are tons of other benefits that this feature can provide them.

AR-enabled tools

The AR-enabled tools have brought a tremendous change to the cell phones. the users can now use these apps to locate different things. For example, there is an AR-enabled app that allows the users to localiser un portable if they have lost it somewhere. And these apps are developed in an accurate way that they can easily provide you with perfect information about the things you are trying to locate.

The virtual tools

The use of virtual tools is also becoming very common nowadays and every cell phone user can now take advantage of these tools. Usually, these tools are operated with the help of VR technology but there are some tools that can be used without the VR technology.

Dual app

The dual app feature is an incredible feature that is introduced in the cell phones nowadays. Now, you can use this feature to run two different apps at the same time. The reason why I love this feature is that it allows me to use the Youtube and Instagram at the same time and these are the two apps that I use mostly.

Improved navigation

The new cell phones are now coming with the improved navigation system which means that you’d now be able to find a location more accurately. So, whenever you are traveling to a strange place, you can use this feature to find your destination. Here are some more changes that are introduced in the cell phones in 2018.