Backlinks are very important to increase the authority of your site. Google considers backlinks for showing a site in the search results.

The most important things that you need to focus on after the on-page SEO are the backlinks. The problem is that creating backlinks has become a complicated task these days.

Google has launched so many updates of the crawlers that now it has almost become impossible for new bloggers to create backlinks of their site.

We have tried to figure out a few SEO techniques that you can use in 2017 to create backlinks of your site.

Killer Content is the key

If you want others to provide you a backlink then you should create something that is not already available on the internet. There is a great tutorial on this at:  It is not only about passing the plagiarism check but it’s about bringing something unique that has not yet been published on the internet.

There was a guy who wanted to create a site but he found that are plenty of other sites already available in the niche that he is targeting. So, he decided to bring a new idea that his competitors were lacking in their sites.

He started analysing the sites of his competitors and found that none of his competitors had more than 25 tips on their site and he also found that none of them had used any kind of images in their articles.

So, he hired some professionals to write the tips for his article and then he finally wrote around 101 tips about the keyword that he was targeting. And he also added interesting images at relevant places.

What happened, later on, was incredible. When he shared his content on different social media sites, people started sharing his content with their friends. And many people shared the content on their websites and blogs.

Due to which he got ranked on the Google in just a few months and his daily traffic for that keyword reached to 10000 visitors a day.

So, this is how you can convince your visitors to provide you a backlink. This is an evergreen method of getting backlinks and google will never penalizing a site that is getting backlinks with this technique.

Send an email to relevant people

It is another way of getting the authority backlinks from other sites. All you need to do is find the sites that are relevant to your site. Go to their “contact us” page. Grab their email from there and send them an email with a link to the content that you have recently published saying that we have shared some information on our site and we believe that you would be interested in reading these tips.

You may also ask them to share your content with their audience if they found it helpful. We bet that they would definitely share your content with their audience if you followed the tips of writing the killer content.

So, it’s all about writing the killer content and then waiting for the magic to begin.